About CBD Wellness Guide

The digital age has created an information paradox as it relates to CBD.  In the age of the Internet, consumers use click-ability to gain instant access to countless articles, information, and news about Cannabidiol. The question then becomes, which information is credible, accurate, and current without bias? You are in The Right Place.

The CBD Wellness Guide (CWG) was created in 2017 as a platform to discuss findings and answer questions about CBD’s ability to positively affect people’s lives.  CWG is an impartial community of people who discuss topics related to CBD.  Here, experts in CBD’s production and use as a medicine will offer unique and inclusive perspectives and share information such as review of products, the efficacy of CBD in the human body, and updates on the hemp industry.

Cannabidiol’s preventative, reparative, and revitalizing properties have been seen and attested to, by doctors, researchers, writers, and consumers from around the world.

Although hundreds of articles have been published on a wide array of topics related to the efficacy of CBD, this information has not been compiled and presented on one, comprehensive and fact-based website – until now.  

As we continue to dive deeper into the benefits of CBD, our website only works if it incorporates public opinion. We are encouraging engagement to help us create and answer FAQs, share new case studies, and broaden the scope of information available to the public.

The CWG is meant to be a proactive and fluid resource both for the industry and the consumer. It’s up to all of you to read, critique, and evaluate information that is being presented by businesses, researchers, and end users within the new and up-and-coming industry.  

You can also connect with us on social media networks. Be well!